My brother was visiting for a week, which always inspires fun family gatherings - lots of eating, drinking and laughing! On one of the days during his visit, we decided to sightsee in downtown Cleveland, the city we all grew up in, the city we love. The weather was awesome for walking around and as we were seeing both the new and the old, I was reminded again of the beauty that is Cleveland.

I have been an artist for over 20 years and I can truly say it was at that moment that LDMRKS® was born. I see the beautiful architectural details of all the landmarks that surround us and I envision every LDMRKS® piece I can make. I immediately set out to create. I toured the streets with my mom and photographed and cataloged over 400 images that inspired me. I started sculpting my pieces and sold my trumpet to pay for part of my first kiln. I stood by with a fire extinguisher (and my dad’s moral support) as I fired my first pieces. I ate a lot of refried beans to make ends meet as I bought materials to work with, and I fell more in love with what I was doing every step of the way. And today I am excited and so grateful to be selling this LDMRKS® collection.

What is LDMRKS®?

LDMRKS® is a unique handcrafted collection of jewelry inspired by the awesome architectural details of the landmarks that surround us and the history that still stands before us. Unless noted differently, each LDMRKS® piece is carved, sculpted, molded, or stamped and crafted in metals by hand. Distressed and aged with intention. No two are ever exactly the same. Each bend, scratch, and imperfection purposely remains. 

Each LDMRKS® piece is also uniquely packaged  with a photo and the history about the building that was its inspiration in either a stylish kraft paper sliding drawer box or a rustic, natural linen, hemp cord, drawstring bag.

If your piece comes with two stamped tags, one has the LDMRKS® logo and the other has an image of a trumpet, bean, and heart, each of which has significant meaning to me. The trumpet…well, that was a turning point of when my vision became a silver and copper metal reality; the bean…a very small sacrifice worth every bite; and the heart…for the love and support of my family, friends, and all who appreciate handcrafted art - I am forever grateful!


 Custom Orders

Always feel free to contact me using the contact form with regard to questions or special orders, such as wedding parties, events, a significant place, or the like. I will always try to work with you if possible to create a custom design/order for you. 

Check back often

I will be adding new additions regularly for women and men, in different styles and from different locations. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, cuff links, and more. Check back often and stay in touch by subscribing to the email list below!


Thank you for taking time to visit the site and I hope you enjoy your LDMRKS® purchase!


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Kimberly Racut