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LDMRKS® is a unique handcrafted collection of jewelry inspired by the awesome architectural details of the landmarks that surround us and history that still stands before us. Unless noted differently, each LDMRKS® piece is carved, sculpted, molded, or stamped and crafted in metals by hand. Distressed and aged with intention. No two are ever exactly the same. Each bend, scratch, and imperfection purposely remains. Each LDMRKS® piece is also uniquely packaged  with a photo and the history about the building that was its inspiration in either a stylish kraft paper sliding drawer box or a rustic, natural linen, hemp cord, drawstring bag. When you purchase LDMRKS®, you are not only purchasing beautifully detailed and stylish jewelry to wear, but also a bit of history and conversation with each piece too.

Maybe you have a significant place where you met someone in your life? Where you go to school or where you went to college? Where you got married or where you plan to get married? Perhaps where you went shopping when you were little? A favorite hangout spot now that you’re older? A shared tradition of going out to the theater? Or maybe just because you are, or were, from the area and love the art, the history, the culture and the people. Or maybe just because of the piece itself. Whatever the reason, I hope you enjoy your LDMRKS® purchase! 

With much peace and love of life and art - 
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